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Ageless Thanet provide FREE, high quality, local activities for all of Thanet’s 50+ residents. If you or someone you know are 50+, you could benefit from one of our fantastic 10 week activity programmes. From Art classes to Tai Chi, Woodwork to Pottery, we are working hard to offer something for everyone, right in the very heart of the community. If you want to find out more and get booked on, press the ‘Wellbeing enquiry‘ button below.

Wellbeing Enquiry

To find out more or book on to an activity or Call the team on: 01843 296687

Ageless Thanet Feelgood Factory

  • The ‘Ageless Thanet Feelgood Factory’ is the latest addition to the Ageless Thanet Project.

    A collaboration between Social Enterprise Kent and Your Leisure, made possible through Big Lottery Funding as part of the ‘Fulfilling Lives: Ageing Better’ programme, the ‘Ageless Thanet Feelgood Factory’ is a community space where older people can get fit, improve their physical and mental wellbeing, meet new people and make new friendships.

  • A key component of the Ageless Thanet Feelgood Factory is our brand new Toning Suite. This offers people of all ages and abilities the opportunity to exercise their whole body on a series of state-of-the-art Toning Tables.

    This equipment is power-assisted, and designed to achieve maximum results with minimum effort. Due to it being low-impact exercise, it is ideal for people with conditions such as osteoporosis, arthritis, reduced mobility or any other movement limiting condition.

    With Your Leisure’s first Toning Suite in Ramsgate already a runaway success, here is what two current members have to say:

“Since starting I feel fitter and more toned, I really enjoy my daily dose of toning, and also my daily dose of chat and laughter with the new friends I have made” – A Toning Suite member, Ramsgate

“Thanks to the toning tables my confidence is returning, and I hope in the next year I will be walking freely and with complete confidence” – A Toning Suite member, Ramsgate

As well as a fully equipped Toning Suite, this truly is a community venue with a variety spaces which will be used in a number of ways. Community groups, clubs and  any organisations working with, helping and supporting older people are being invited to use this fantastic community venue to hold any number of events and activities, whether they be one-offs or ongoing. 

Residents are invited to come and use the Ageless Thanet Feelgood Factory as a meeting place for friends. Somewhere to sit down, have a coffee, chat, meet new people and, perhaps, get involved in the variety of things happening there, including the Toning Suite itself.

 All residents are able to access a free 28 day, no obligation trial membership. Not only does this include unlimited access to the Ageless Thanet Feelgood Factory and Ramsgate Feelgood Factory, this also includes free swimming at Hartsdown and Ramsgate Leisure Centres.

For more information, please call 01843 296687 or come to the Ageless Thanet Feelgood Factory, 80 High St, Margate 



Age-Friendly Businesses and Reward Card

Our Age-Friendly Business scheme helps promote businesses across Thanet that are working hard for Thanet’s older people. By working with businesses and helping them become more age-friendly, we are making Thanet an even better place to grow older. If you see a business displaying our logo, you’ll know they are part of our scheme. This means they’re making an effort to meet the needs of older people and offering rewards / incentives to people 50+ as part of their commitment to older customers. Click on the ‘Reward Card request’ button to get your FREE Reward Card. Please note, you must be 50+ and a Thanet resident.

Download our App for iPhone and Android NOW!

The Ageless Thanet App is now LIVE on the Apple ‘App Store’ and Google Play Store. Click the buttons below to download on your iPhone / iPad / Android Phone / Android Tablet App today for FREE!


Local Businesses:

With over 54,500 people aged 50+ living in Thanet, there’s never been a better time for local businesses to tap into this expanding consumer market, expand your customer base and increase your bottom line, all whilst doing something fantastic for older residents!

The great news is that signing up as an Age-Friendly Business is FREE and grants access to:

  • Access to help from our very own Age-Friendly Adviser
  • Free marketing through our app, website and social media
  • Displaying our ‘Age-Friendly Business’ logo
  • A new customer base for your business!

Find out more about becoming an Age-Friendly Business

To get involved, call: 07551 725 383

or e-mail:

Life Planners

Lorraine's story

Lorraine contacted the Life Planners when a sudden drop in income prevented her from taking part in the leisure activities she enjoyed.

Click to find out how the Life Planners helped...


"I feel that the Life Planners have been a massive help. I am so glad they came to see me, and I'm very grateful. It's helped me feel like a person again"

Through helping manage her finances better and signposting to more affordable activities, the Life Planners were able to help Lorraine get back out and enjoy life.

Ageless Thanet’s Life Planners are offering FREE support, advice and life planning to Thanet residents who are 50+ and facing difficulty or changing circumstances.

The Life Planners will help with the changes in your life, supporting you through them. These changes could include; bereavement, redundancy, retirement, a change in financial situation, divorce, becoming a carer or a sudden change in health.

Our fully qualified Life Planners are there to work with you, to understand your needs and develop a bespoke plan of action, just for you. We want to give you the help, support and confidence you need to adapt to the things that are proving challenging or difficult, allowing you to fully enjoy life.

This service is FREE, confidential, impartial and independent.

Contact a Life Planner

Call:  01843 808 685 or Email:

Ageless Entrepreneurs

Do you have a craft, skill or idea that you need help turning into a business? Are you looking to grow an existing business, or perhaps you’re concerned about how becoming self-employed could affect other income you receive? We are here to help!

Our FREE 13 week Business Start Up programme will cover all the basics you’ll need, including; finance, marketing, online selling and much more. We’ll be there to support you every step of the way through a series of core workshops and bespoke masterclasses.

Our programme gives you an excellent opportunity to meet other people in the same position as you and helps you gain the skills and confidence you need to succeed.

For more information on how to get involved or book onto the course, please contact Natalie Glover:
Tel: 01843 855 155 or click below:

I Wish To Contact Ageless Entrepreneurs

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About Ageless Thanet

Ageless Thanet is one of 14 projects nationally, all funded through the Big Lottery Fund’s ‘Fulfilling Lives: Ageing Better’ programme. In 2015, we successfully secured £3 million over 5 years to reduce social isolation and loneliness, improve mental and physical health in older people and make Thanet a great place to grow older.

The Partnership

Ageless Thanet is led by Social Enterprise Kent, and funded by the the Big Lottery Fund’s ‘Fulfilling Lives: Ageing Better’ programme. The project runs until Summer 2020.

The core partnership of Ageless Thanet consists of Action with Communities in Rural Kent, Thanet Citizens Advice, Red Zebra, Thanet Community Development Trust, University of Kent and Your Leisure. Each of these organisations is contracted by Social Enterprise Kent to deliver specific parts of the Ageless Thanet project. By contracting high-quality, trusted and experienced local organisations, working in partnership, Social Enterprise Kent aims to make the biggest, most positive impact possible with the funding received.

Social Enterprise Kent work with a wide variety of partners across all sectors. We are very lucky to have a strong and varied wider partnership of organisations and individuals from all sectors who have supported, helped, got involved and shown interest throughout the Ageless Thanet Project, these include:

Kent County Council, Thanet District Council, Thanet Clinical Commissioning Group, Turner Contemporary, The Dreamland Trust, Margate Task Force, Pilgrims Hospice, Broadstairs Town Shed, Department for Work and Pensions, Royal Voluntary Service Thanet, ABC – A Better Cliftonville, BIG Local Newington.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can get involved in Ageless Thanet?
If you are 50+ and resident in Thanet then you can get involved and be part of making Thanet a great place to grow older.

What can I do with Ageless Thanet?
If you are 50+ and resident in Thanet, you can get involved in all aspects of Ageless Thanet.

Why are people asked to complete questionnaires for Wellbeing activities and Life Planning?
We have been funded to test new and innovative ways of providing services for older people. In order to evaluate the effectiveness of our services and prove they are making a positive change, we were asked by the Big Lottery Fund to carry out a full academic evaluation of our services. So, we ask all participants to complete a before and after survey and, hopefully, this then gives us the evidence we need to prove what we’re doing is working.

Already, we have made fantastic progress, and initial evidence we’ve gathered has shown we are making real positive changes in peoples’ lives. Of course, everything is anonymised, no individual can be identified and we comply strictly with the Data Protection Act. Taking part in our evaluation is not mandatory, but in doing so, participants are helping us improve and continue delivering fantastic services to the rest of Thanet. Thank you to everyone who takes part.

Useful links

Below are links to a number of useful documents, such us the Social Enterprise Kent ‘Complaints and Compliments’ policy. We will keep this updated, as necessary.

Complaints and Compliments Policy

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