Computer Training

SEK is proud to introduce a new category of Computer Training.


Social Media Essentials

This course is the perfect starting point and offers a hands-on, interactive approach. This comprehensive social media day gives any businesses an insight into how all the main social media platforms can perform and deliver success. SEK will help you get to grips with social media and discuss why it’s is so successful and what you can do to harness it, exploit it and enjoy it; helping you gain the confidence to create your own social media strategy.

  • Recognise the benefits of using social media
  • Investigate different social media platforms
  • Learn how to increase traffic to social media sites
  • Identifying good and bad practice when using social media
  • Learn about the management of social media data
  • Develop a strategy to put into practice.

Full day course

Basic Excel Training

This course will teach the learner the basics of Excel, including the screen layout, changing the views, opening, closing and saving. It will also teach them cell ranges, data entry, how to use auto fill, formatting of numbers, dates, times and currency. How to use Excel to sort records and filter these records. How to create and use a formula. How to use popular functions such as sum, count and average. The course will also cover the creation of graphs and charts. A tutor led session to enhance your skills.
Laptops provided.

Half Day Course
£65 per person

Intermediate Excel Training

As a next edition to the Basic course the Intermediate training will focus on: IF functions, SUMIF, COUNTIF, data tables, cell merging, text wrapping, table formatting & absolute values.  To use all these exciting functions, you will be creating a budget spreadsheet along with an invoice.  This course will require to have the basic skills required in Excel. A tutor led session to enhance your skills.

Laptops Provided.

Half Day Course
£65 per person

Marketing with Publisher and Mailchimp

This course will guide the learner through Microsoft publisher designing media such as posters, business cards, calendars, certificates and letterheads. 
The poster designed will be imported into a mail chimp email campaign. The learner will add contacts and see how they can be imported in a batch. They will also find out how to incorporate links to Facebook and twitter. After sending a campaign the learner will be able to see how to view a report for the outcomes of the campaign.

This course will cover the following:

· Layout and sizing
· Save, print and export
· Design. Pictures and Text
· Business cards
· Poster, Calendars, Certificates, Letterheads and Catalogues.


· Signup
· Email Campaigns
· Adding and importing contacts
· Selecting templates
· Email design including links
· Reports of campaign

Half Day Course
£75 per person