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Social Enterprise Kent offers a wide range of workplace skills training courses, all of which have been specifically designed to equip you with the necessary skill set for the workplace.

Our Workplace skills training  will not only assist you in improving your work performance, but will also provide you with the tools to help you to advance in your career.

Scheduled Training

Assertiveness Training

Do you or a member of your team wish they had the confidence to deal with difficult situations at work effectively and assertively and without causing conflict? SEK Assertiveness Training will provide you with a number of strategies which will show you how to you express yourself effectively and stand up for your point of view, while also respecting the rights and beliefs of others. Being assertive is a core communication skill that will help boost your self-esteem and earn others’ respect.

  • Describe what is meant by assertive behaviour
  • Identify barriers to assertiveness
  • Identify the differences between behaviours
  • Learn more about your own preferred behaviours
  • Behavioural styles
  • Verbal and Non-verbal Communication
  • Describe useful strategies for dealing with difficult situations
  • Assertiveness Tips and Techniques

Full Day Course
£75 per person

Effective Communication

Focusing on core skills for clear communication within your working environment, this course will show you the techniques that work for both internal or external clients and employees. Learn how you can communicate more clearly, confidently, and effectively in the workplace and within your team and how you can build rapport and improve your current communication techniques.

This half day training course includes:

  • Communication styles and techniques
  • The importance of effective communication
  • Barriers to effective communication
  • Methods of communication
  • How to get effective communication within your team
  • Creating a coherent communication strategy
  • Key messaging both internally and externally
  • Keeping communication consistent
  • Communicating brand values

Which will enable your business to:

  • Effect clarity of communication
  • Articulate the business value internally and externally
  • Encourage open and honest dialogue, feedback and personal growth

£50 per person

Effective Team Management

Do you have a high performing team?  Come along to identify the characteristics of effective teams, identify the stages of team development and understand the importance of playing to your strengths.

Identify the characteristics of effective teams.

  • Identify the stages of team development.
  • Understand the importance of playing to


1 Full Day Course
£75 per person


Introduction to Time Management

Introduction to Time Management will guide you on how to effectively and efficiently manage your time. Many people feel overwhelmed by all the demands, distractions and interruptions of the working day, so time management is an important skill to have in the modern workplace.

This course will offer some suggestions for keeping the tide of external demands at bay and help you to develop a truly efficient routine and rhythm to your working day. Topics covered:

  • Benefits of being organised
  • How to prioritise work
  • The importance of being in the right state of mind
  • Understand the benefiters of being organised
  • Understand how to prioritise workloads
  • Discover the difference between Urgent and Important
  • Identify techniques of being organised

1 Full Day Course
£75 per person

Managing Conflict in the Workplace

Conflict can be so difficult to handle if you don’t have the right tools and techniques.  You need not shy away from it however. We will go through some key approaches to help your professionally have those difficult conversations

  • Define conflict and identify the main phases of conflict.
  • Explain the advantages and disadvantages of 5 key approaches.
  • Identify when it is appropriate to use.

Half Day Course
£50 per person

Performance Management

A few people thrive when thrown in to a management role, but many new managers need help communicating effectively with employees, giving feedback and taking on a leadership role. In this performance management course, delegates will increase their knowledge about Performance Management as well as the PM cycle. They will have the tools needed to implement or review a PM system in their workplace. They will practice communication strategies for managing difficult people and conflict at work. They will build up an understanding of how to manage sickness absence, capability and disciplinary processes lawfully and reasonably.

  •        Plan and develop an effective performance management tool
  •        Reward and motivate staff
  •        Handle conflict and difficult people
  •        Support staff to improve underperformance
  •        Take action using capability and disciplinary process when performance hasn’t improved over agreed timescales
  •        How to manage absence

Full Day Course
£75 per person

Social Media Essentials

This course is the perfect starting point and offers a hands-on, interactive approach. This comprehensive social media day gives any businesses an insight into how all the main social media platforms can perform and deliver success. SEK will help you get to grips with social media and discuss why it’s is so successful and what you can do to harness it, exploit it and enjoy it; helping you gain the confidence to create your own social media strategy.

  • Recognise the benefits of using social media
  • Investigate different social media platforms
  • Learn how to increase traffic to social media sites
  • Identifying good and bad practice when using social media
  • Learn about the management of social media data
  • Develop a strategy to put into practice.

Full day course

Supervision & Appraisals

Our supervision and appraisal training course looks at the procedures for staff supervision and appraisals. The course will include the definition of supervisions, the definition of appraisals and why we provide supervisions and appraisals.

The course will also look at why employers and employees are apprehensive about appraisals. The standards to follow and the best form of appraisal communication.

How to Prepare for a supervision or appraisal meeting. The importance of setting goals and objectives from your meeting.

1 Full Day Course
£70 per person

Understanding Stress Management

Do you have a job that challenges you? We all should expect to feel some pressure at work, however, when that pressure is excessive and you can suffer an adverse reaction to it, then it has become stress. In the workplace Stress is fast becoming an epidemic, contributing to increases in burnout and employee health concerns. The results are lower productivity, higher absenteeism, greater turnover and increased health insurance claims. Stress is not a disease, but it can be a threat to your health and safety at work. This course enables participants to understand the meaning of stress and how to differentiate it from pressure, identify suitable stress management techniques and exercises that can adapted in the work environment as well as in their own time.

  • What is stress?
  • What are the causes and symptoms of stress?
  • What is the impact of stress on you?
  • What is the impact of stress in the workplace?
  • Techniques to manage personal and work

1 Full Day Course
£75 per person

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