Success Stories

SEK are proud of all the work we do with our clients.  And we are good at it!  But don’t take our word for it, please see below some of the great things the people we work with are saying about us.


Play the video to see the impact our Stamp programme had!
Walk Tall

Walk Tall was formed in 2003 and was the brainchild of founder, Ann Duke, who used her knowledge and experience of arts and creativity to establish a charity which would use the arts to build confidence, wellbeing and personal capacity in people of any age. Ann accessed the STAMP programme, Click on the Walk Tall Logo to hear about her story.


An East Kent-based national charity providing online peer- led support for people tackling obesity. Each year HOOP supports over 5,000 people struggling to manage their weight via its website, social media platforms and including its events, which are actively supported by the charity’s patron, Jessie Pavelka. Through mentor, Jason Martin, HOOP accessed the STAMP programme and was successful in securing over £185k in his time with them! Find out more by reading the full article. Click on the Hoop Logo.


‘The STAMP programme came at a perfect time – I was a new Director, with no experience of working at a strategic level. My Board were taking a risk promoting me to the post, and the assistance of the STAMP programme, and especially of the mentoring I received from Charlie allowed me to do all of the things I didn’t realise I was capable of – and take SATEDA places we didn’t really think we would be able to go so soon.’

Earthcraft CIC

‘The people I have met through the STAMP programme are also excited about the project, & collective excitement is infectious!  The STAMP support has been life changing for me, for which I am extremely grateful, as it has given me many practical and achievable steps to move forward.  Scaling up EarthCraftuk CIC to include The School in the Wood, now stands a much greater chance of opening in 2017 and becoming an innovative & successful philanthropic project as a direct result of the help I have been getting through the STAMP programme.


Canterbury Umbrella

“Our work with SEK gives people a sense of belonging and achievement. People grow in their confidence, learn new skills and increase their ability to do things for themselves. You can’t put a price on that.” Anna De-Brauwer, Canterbury Umbrella Centre. Click the Logo


“I would highly recommend SEK’s Employment Support Services. They offer a unique service. They are passionate about what they do and care for the people they work with. I wish there were more services and people like that; it does make a huge difference.” Emma Andrews, Porchlight. Click the Logo

Chalkhill Farm

Through the RISE programme, SEK has helped Chalkhill Farm through a range of important issues for them. Julie Hardy, CEO of Chalkhill, is a passionate lady with many amazing ideas and a pride in the work that they do and the people whom they help. This passion is evident when meeting Julie, but with a cut to one of their major contracts, she was having trouble getting the message out about the Farm and all the good work that they do.
SEK began by creating a website for Chalkhill that they could manage, update and improve themselves—not being reliant on SEK to make changes and keeping charge of their own destiny. Click the Logo

Whitstable Castle

The Whitstable Castle and Gardens has been in a period of significant change in the last few years. After a £3m restoration project, the Castle opened its doors to the public in 2010. Since then, they have been operating as a social enterprise, earning income from trading activities in order to maintain the Castle and its amazing grounds, and contributing to the local community.

The Whitstable Castle team came up with the SMILE Principle and now everything that they are working towards encompass these goals.

  • Sustainable Profitable Growth
  • Memorable Visitor Experience
  • Irresistible Food and Drink
  • Love your place of work
  • Excellent Events

Eileen Hargreaves, Chair of Whitstable Castle reports, “Things are going very well at the Castle! We have set our budget for 2016/17, we are getting very encouraging feedback from events and corporate bookings and wedding bookings are going very well.”

Canterbury Connected

Social Enterprise Kent (SEK) undertook a review of the governance of Canterbury Connected CIC which runs the Canterbury Connected Business Improvement District in the city, over a 9 month period between autumn 2015 and summer 2016. This work was funded by Canterbury City Council as part of their support for social enterprises and other bodies with whom they work closely to ensure that they are ‘fit for purpose’ in delivering their mission as partners with the Council.

SEK Chief Executive Claudia Sykes undertook this work and was at all times professional, reliable and insightful in taking the company’s Board of Directors through their responsibilities and accountabilities as Directors of the Company and also as Board Members of a CIC. Many of the Board members are inexperienced in this environment and have been ‘learning on the job’; this intervention has given them all confidence and understanding in their roles that will benefit the Company in the future.

Claudia met with the Board in November 2015 and form that initial meeting developed a workshop for the Board which was delivered in May 2016. This workshop proved to be a catalyst for the Board to initiate a structure that ensures that critical accountabilities are covered appropriately and also that two vice Chairs are appointed to alleviate the workload of the Chair and Chief Executive.

As well as delivering the Workshop Claudia has also paid attention to the wider governance of the Company, giving support and direction in handling issues like the company’s first Annual General Meeting and the role of the Chair.

The work delivered by SEK in supporting Canterbury Connected CIC has been invaluable and has laid firm foundations for those involved as Board members to make an increasing contribution to the company and in the future to the leadership of Canterbury as business people with an enhanced understanding of how to provide leadership in the city.

Bob Jones
Chief Executive,
Canterbury Connected CIC

Employment Support: A Client’s Perspective

“Sometimes the tiny little things can keep you back. You worry so much that you stop moving forward. I have never come across a service like this before. It has empowered me to get out there and be more proactive; and it gave me the confidence to do that.” – A client of SEK’s employability services