Become a Digital Inclusion Champion!

This January, we are delighted to be launching our Digital Inclusion Programme aimed at tackling digital exclusion across the South Kent Coast by providing free digital support to those who need it. Understanding how to navigate the digital landscape is vital, especially as most daily activities such as banking, shopping and communicating with friends and family are now done online. To help ensure no one misses out, we are looking for volunteers to help us deliver digital, 1-to-1 training.

Could You Help Us?

You don’t need to be a tech expert to help us! We are looking for individuals who have prior experience using the internet, for example, you may be a dab hand at sending an email, online shopping or perhaps talking to friends online. If you are friendly, confident in using your own devices, and wish to help others, this volunteer role will be perfect for you!

If this sounds like you, then with a little of your time and plenty of patience (along with our help and support of course), you really could make a huge difference to someone else’s wellbeing this year.

Being a Digital Inclusion Champion

As a Digital Inclusion Champion, you will help us to deliver digital support to those who need it. You will be partnered with an individual needing some digital support on a 1-to-1 basis. Some of the common areas that people need support in include, using social media, connecting to Wi-Fi, using online banking, applying for jobs, applying for benefits, booking GP appointments, using zoom, online shopping and sending emails. You will need to be patient with the person you are supporting as it may take time for them to get the hang of things, and they won’t benefit from being overloaded with too much information at once. Before you are partnered, we will provide you with a short, online training session to help you get started and we will always be available to give you advice and support.

The location of this volunteering will vary. It may be in a coffee shop that has internet access, a library, the individual’s home or in our office. This can be agreed upon between you and the person you are supporting. In terms of availability, it would be fantastic to have 1 hour per week available between Monday and Friday. However, 1 hour per fortnight would also be very helpful – it all depends on the person you are ‘buddied’ up with, and how often they would like to receive support – usually it is once a week or once a fortnight. We want our Digital Inclusion Champions to enjoy these contacts as much as their buddy!

Contact us using the details below to find out more!


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