Over 50s supported to start businesses in later life

Over the past 3 years, Ageless Thanet has helped 112 entrepreneurs to realise their dreams of becoming self-employed or setting up their own business. The course is completely free and is aimed at local Thanet residents who are over the age of 50.

Geraldine Munro is one person who has benefitted from completing Ageless Thanet’s Ageless Entrepreneurs programme. After retiring as a Practice Nurse from a busy GP surgery, Geraldine found that she became isolated very quickly. She said:

“I felt I’d lost the structure in my life. My job as a nurse meant I was always working towards my next goal; a training course or professional development, I’d been doing this constantly for work and then there was nothing more to strive for.”

As well as finding the course gave her structure to her week, Geraldine also found that she made some good friends and gained confidence.

Through attending the course, Geraldine then became involved in other parts of the Ageless Thanet project. Geraldine’s sewing business Chrys-Creations that offers sewing lessons, dressmaking and alteration services is also an Age-Friendly Business, offering Thanet’s 50+ residents with an Ageless Thanet Reward Card a 10% discount on dressmaking and alterations, and a 25% discount when booking 5 sewing classes. Geraldine also signed up as one of Ageless Thanet’s volunteers, and runs a weekly sewing group, Ageless Sewing Bees, at the Ageless Thanet Feelgood Factory in Margate on Wednesday mornings.

The next Ageless Entrepreneurs course is due to start in February and will be taking place at Hereson Family and Community Centre, Lillian Road in Ramsgate. If you would like to find out more about what the course involves, or would like to book your place, please call 01843 855155.

If you would like to contact Geraldine about her business, you can email her at chrys_creations@outlook.com.