Consortium working is not a new concept to Social Enterprise Kent. Changes to the funding and commissioning landscape has put greater emphasis on working collaboratively and Social Enterprise Kent has worked on numerous initiatives as both consortium lead and as delivery partner.

SEK has a wealth of experience in consortium working. In our first year we increased our overall contract from £1.7m to £2m and our services continue to grow. We have successfully managed several high profile contracts/projects. Additionally SEK act as a subcontractor for an European Social Fund venture so we understand both how to manage a contract as well as how it feels to be managed.

Whilst we are outcome driven, we recognise the importance of understanding the business and reason for being of every partner. Our collaborative approach to consortium working has been very successful enabling our delivery partners to grow their business as well as learning from each other to improve the quality of their delivery.

Our approach to consortia working is one of partnership and collaboration. We value to experience and knowledge of each partner we work with and include them in decision making to ensure each member organisation gets the most from working with us.
We are currently leading on three large scale consortia and are actively being approached by partner organisations seeking commissioning opportunities and wanting to access our expertise as consortium lead.

If you have any enquiries regarding potential consortium working please contact Kirsty Hawkins on 01227 469970 or email