Education & Skills Consortium

Formed in 2011 the Social Enterprise Kent led “Education & Skills Consortium” was a multi-partner consortium that successfully delivered regulated qualifications and apprenticeships across the UK as part of the Skills Funding Agency, and now the Education and Skills Funding Agency contract.

Leading the consortium has provided Social Enterprise Kent with the knowledge, skills and tools to lead a wide range of consortia and multi-partner projects.

Due to the effective management of the consortium, Social Enterprise Kent have delivered education and training to the value of over £7.8m during the past five years.

The success of the consortium has also seen new training providers joining the consortium which has now provided high-quality training to over 7000 learners.

However, changes in the sector have led to a significant impact on the Education & Skills Consortium. Social Enterprise Kent has a significantly reduced budget and only one subcontractor, Profile Training and Development.