SEK Schools

SEK Schools

Our school events are designed to inspire curiosity, creativity, life skills and environmental stewardship in the hearts of young minds across Kent and Medway, although it tends to be the grown-ups who come away even more inspired by the talents and skills of these young people and their ideas and passion! This is also the place where you can nominate exceptional staff working in education for the prestigious Kent Teacher of the Year Awards.

Your support matters—whether through sharing, following us on socials, financial contributions, or simply enjoying the inspiring stories.

Young Cooks Competition image

Young Cooks is a program designed to encourage children to explore the culinary world and develop essential life skills

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Young Cooks Competition

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We're on a mission to motivate and recognise pupils and schools who are making a real difference to the environment we live in.

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The Green School Awards

Kent Teacher of the Year Awards image

Recognising the critical role that educators and school staff play in shaping the future of children

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Kent Teacher of the Year Awards

The Big STEM Challenge image

An Inter-schools competition centred around STEM subjects. This event sparks curiosity and engagement in these critical fields

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The Big STEM Challenge

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A nurturing platform for aspiring authors and storytellers to showcase their creativity and literary talents.

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The Big Writing Challenge

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