Ashford VCSE Support Fund

Ashford VCSE Support Fund

Free business consultancy for the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise Sector with funding from Ashford Borough Council

Programme overview

Over the next eighteen months, Ashford Borough Council and Social Enterprise Kent will support 40 existing or start-up charities and social enterprises. We will offer ‘one-to-one’ mentoring with you and your teams, and you can attend training/workshop courses, networking sessions and a conference, all for FREE*. This programme is dedicated to fortifying VCSE leaders within the Ashford community delivering comprehensive assistance that will enable your organisation to attain enduring growth and prosperity.

What's on offer

We offer up to 12 hours of personalised assistance per client, expertly navigating the intricacies of your unique circumstances, the provision of effective one-on-one mentoring, thoughtfully customised to cater to your organisation’s distinct requirements. Whether you favour in-person consultations at your premises or alternative off-site venues, or if you prefer the convenience of virtual sessions, our approach is adaptable, ensuring a smooth and accommodating experience for you.

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What our clients say about the programme

"Michael was a pleasure to work with and took the time to understand our business to develop our start-up CIC. His advice has enabled us to grow our knowledge to approach future investors with confidence, give the company a solid foundation and create a plan to ensure sustainability and growth. Michael delivers his advice in a supportive manner, with honest and professional feedback based on his invaluable experience and business expertise."
"I have found that working with Michael has helped me find a formula to enable me to attribute a financial value that can be directly linked to our marketing activities.  Michael has listened to my challenge and we are in the process of developing a ‘financial funnel’ that collates information from several sources.  Showing me whether our community’s support for Pilgrims Hospices is above or below the national/regional giving average.  I will now be able to directly attribute this to the success of our marketing activities.  During my career I have had many Board level discussions where we have endeavoured to find a solution to this question.  Michael’s experience of the Corporate sector has given him a different perspective on how to analyse information and I’m really looking forward to the final outcome."
“Thank you so much for this very detailed overview Michael – hugely appreciated. I have enjoyed the group sessions - they have given me valuable insights and tips on how to deal with/tackle a wide variety of issues. Very helpful!”
"Great sessions with Michael. His time created the space for me to think about this development of our business and provided deadlines which prevented me from getting distracted and focused on the project! He introduced me to people who might be able to help and they in turn helped me formulate the ideas in my head. He helped me strategize the project so I could present it to my board of trustees. He then helped with the all important pricing strategy. Thank you for all your help – without your guidance and discipline I do not think I would have got it up and running so quickly!"
"Michael has been extremely helpful and insightful on the subject of business. His straight up advice and understanding turned my ambitions into possibilities and saved me from a lot of financial uncertainty as I explored some new horizons. His friendly,encouraging nature and expertise gave me confidence to make decisions on how to move forward and I look forward to working with him in the future."
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Michael Roberts

Senior Business Advisor


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