Cancer Smart

A new cancer awareness project for young people aged 14+

Increasing awareness of cancer types, risk factors, and prevention strategies among young people

Raising awareness

The CancerSmart project aims to engage and educate young people about cancer, equipping them with the knowledge and tools to raise awareness and support cancer prevention and early detection efforts.

Cancer is a devastating disease that affects millions of people worldwide, including young individuals. While significant progress has been made in cancer research and treatment, awareness and early detection remain crucial in saving lives.

This project has been funded by the Kent & Medway Cancer Alliance and is therefore free to access!

Interactive workshops

We will come to a school, college or university setting and deliver a one-hour workshop that provides fun and engaging activities for young people to learn more about cancer prevention and detection. We will also cover how to look after your mental health when supporting a family member or friend dealing with cancer.


• Increase awareness of cancer types, risk factors, and prevention strategies among youth
• Empower young individuals to become advocates for cancer awareness and education within their communities
• Promote healthy lifestyle choices that reduce cancer risk among young people
• Foster a sense of empathy and support for cancer patients and their families among the youth
• Encourage youth involvement in fundraising efforts for cancer research and support services

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Ian Barker

Prevention Project Manager


07712 524568

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