SE Kitchen

SE Kitchen, Food for the community

A local low cost supermarket providing healthy affordable food for the community

What is SEK Kitchen?

SE Kitchen is a social supermarket where people can come and buy their groceries at a reduced cost. We offer a diverse range of affordable seasonal groceries and healthy meal ideas and advice, a shop accessible to everyone to make your money go further!

Our warm and inclusive environment which is run by a team of staff and volunteers, is a place where everyone feels at home while choosing from a selection of goods that promote wellbeing and support the local community.

Support us - donate surplus stock!

Are you an organisation committed to reducing waste and supporting your community? SE Kitchen welcomes partnerships that make a difference. By donating surplus stock and supplies, you join us in our mission to create a more equitable society where no one goes without. Your contribution empowers us to extend our reach and impact, nurturing both individuals and the environment. Together, we can amplify the power of giving – get in touch with Natasha!

Sponsor a Fridge

Get involved, you could sponsor one of our Fridges or Freezers and help up to amplify our impact in the community.


What our customers say about us

SE Kitchen are a lifeline to me, as I'm sure they are to others. The staff are so friendly and supportive.
Thank you for feeding people fresh fruit and veg. For making lives a little bit easier in hard times. Filling hearts with joy this charismas and beyond.
The shop helps me feel good about myself as I know I can eat nice food without worry.
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Natasha Hart

Foods Project Manager


07704 009 875

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