Toning Equipment Helps with Back Problems

According to a global study carried out by the Royal Cornwall Hospital in the UK, almost 1 in 10 people are affected by back pain, which becomes more common with increasing age. In Thanet, residents are able to take advantage of a free 28 day trial of equipment, specifically designed to assist people with mobility problems to exercise.

James Milsome, 67, who lives in Margate, has been using the Toning Tables at the Ageless Thanet Feelgood Factory on Margate High Street for over a year.

“I tried the free month trial after my friend badgered me to go along. I had been going to the gym before I joined, but I had pain in my lower back and I found that I was unable to do things for myself like cutting my toe nails.”

The Toning Tables are power-assisted equipment which means that you work with the machine, rather than against it. As a result of it being low-impact exercise, people with conditions such as osteoporosis, mobility problems and joint problems can safely use it.

James said:

“Since coming to use the Toning Tables my back problem only troubles me now and again. I’ve got more movement, which means I can do things like bending down to tie my shoe laces without struggling and I’ve lost inches round my waist! The equipment is really easy to use and because it’s assisted I can do things like sit-ups, which I can’t do at the gym.”

If you would like to find out more information about the free 28 day trial of the Toning Tables you can call the Ageless Thanet Feelgood Factory on 01843 296687.