Training Consortium

Formed in 2011 the SEK-led “Training Consortium” is a multi-partner consortium that has successfully delivered accredited training and apprenticeships across the UK as part of a Skills Funding Agency contract. Leading the consortium has provided SEK with the knowledge, skills and tools to lead a wide range of consortia and multi-partner projects.

Due to the high quality management of the consortium, we have delivered training to the value of over £7.8m during the past five years. The success of the consortium has also seen new training providers joining the consortium which has now provided high quality training to over 5000 learners.

Organisations seeking support with developing a consortium or looking for a credible and capable lead and/or delivery partner should contact Kirsty Hawkins on 01227 469970 or on

Ofsted Inspection Results

Success Rates


SEK’s consortium continues to outperform the sector each in terms of our success rates. For 2015/16 our overall and timely success rates are all well above the national averages.



Our Training Providers

Social Enterprise Kent has developed great working relationships with our subcontractors who specialise in delivering training across a wide range of sectors. We have formed these relationships over a number of years and continue to work with the following high-quality training providers:


Dependent upon each learner’s circumstances, a Government contribution towards the cost of training may be available. Fully funded training is available for those who are unemployed, aged 16-18 undertaking an apprenticeship and those aged 19-23 depending on their previous qualification achieved.

Co-funding may be available dependent upon the qualification being provided and on the learners age and previous qualifications. Advanced Learning Loans are available to learners are planning to undertake training at Level 3 or higher if they are not eligible for funding. For all Co-funded training there is an expected employer contribution towards the cost of training.

For full details please contact Kirsty Hawkins on 01227 469970 or email

Social Enterprise Kent has a Skills Funding Agency contract that enables us to deliver;
QCFs, Apprenticeships and short courses to those just starting out in their careers, for those struggling to get back into work, and for those already in work who would like to upskill.

You can apply for an Advanced Learning Loan to help with the costs of a training course if your circumstances prevent you from being funded. The course must be eligible – ie a Level 3 or 4 course. Loans have to be paid back but repayments don’t start until you earn more than £21,000 a year.

Workforce Development Funding can be accessed for those working in the care sector. SEK has helped many Health and Social Care organisations access this funding which can really make a huge dent in the cost of training.

Areas of Training

SEK’s consortium provides funded training across a large variety of areas:

  • English
  • Maths
  • ICT
  • IT Professional
  • Health and Social Care
  • Children and Young Persons Setting
  • Business and Administration
  • Customer Services
  • Management
  • Hospitality
  • Bakery
  • Food and Drink
  • Passenger carrying vehicles
  • Driving goods vehicles
  • Civil Engineering


The majority of our training providers provide apprenticeships in their chosen field. An apprenticeship gives you the chance to gain new skills and knowledge which employers really value. Your employer will support your training and pay you at least the hourly national minimum wage rate for your age.

For further information please click here to view the official information regarding apprenticeships.



For more information about our consortia services please contact Kirsty Hawkins or  Tel: 01227 469970