War Veteran Given New Lease of Life

A war veteran in a difficult situation has found peace of mind with the support of an Ageless Thanet Life Planner.  At the time, Stephen was homeless, living in a tent on a local beach with no money, little food and no hope of things improving.

“My life was a nightmare”, Stephen said; “I had been sleeping rough, had items stolen, including my Armed Forces medals, and needed help sorting out my financial problems.”

Jaime, one of Ageless Thanet’s three Life Planners, worked with Stephen to; get him the benefits he is entitled to, resolve financial issues that were causing him a lot of distress, get him a new home and furniture from an Armed forces charity.

Stephen said:

“Without Ageless Thanet my life would not be the same. The support I have received has given me peace of mind and has greatly improved my wellbeing. It is a comfort knowing that there is always someone there at the end of the phone.”

Life Planning is for anyone over the age of 50, who may feel that they are going through a particularly challenging time in their lives. There is a huge range of different issues that the Ageless Thanet Life Planners can help with, ranging from adjusting to retirement, changes in financial situation, to redundancy. Since August 2015, Ageless Thanet’s Life Planners have supported 675 people, offering 1- to- 1 support to reduce loneliness and social isolation, improve mental wellbeing, and help them live more fulfilling lives.

If you would like to find out more about the Life Planning service or to book an appointment, please call 01843 808685, or email zayda.kebede@thanetcitizensadvice.co.uk.