Ashford Business Support

Welcome to the Ashford Borough Voluntary, Community, and Social Enterprise (VCSE) Support programme. This programme is dedicated to fortifying VCSE leaders within the Ashford community. In recognition of the multifaceted challenges that accompany today's ever-evolving landscape, we are committed to delivering comprehensive assistance that will enable your organisation to attain enduring growth and prosperity.
Central to our initiative is the provision of top-tier, influential one-on-one mentoring, thoughtfully customised to cater to your organisation's distinct requirements. We offer up to 12 hours of personalised assistance per client, expertly navigating the intricacies of your unique circumstances. Whether you favour in-person consultations at your premises or alternative off-site venues, or if you prefer the convenience of virtual sessions, our approach is adaptable, ensuring a smooth and accommodating experience for you.
In addition to your tailored support, there will be opportunities to attend masterclass training workshops, sector networking and an Ashford conference.  What are you waiting for, get in touch and sign up today! 
Free Workshops for programme participants
  • Tuesday 14th November – 15:-17:30 Ashford – Opportunities for business in the circular economy
  • Tuesday 12th December – 15:-17:30 Ashford – Strategic planning, using financial tools to explore new business ideas and measure marketing impact.
  • Tuesday 30th January – 15:-17:30 Ashford – Leadership, governance, effective boards and management with your trustees or directors.
  • Tuesday 13th February 15:- 17:30 Ashford - Staff and Volunteer management recruitment, retention and motivation
  • Tuesday 5th March – 15:-17:30 Ashford - Investor summaries for enterprise and professional bid writing for social purpose.

Contact to book your place!


Over the next eighteen months, Ashford Borough Council and Social Enterprise Kent will support 40 existing or start-up charities and social enterprises.

Our senior business advisor, Michael,  will offer ‘one-to-one’ mentoring with you and your teams, and you can attend training/workshop courses, networking sessions and a conference, all for FREE*.

*Eligibility Criteria applies

What will you get -

  • Tailored 1:1 mentoring  up to 12 Hours
  • Network opportunities and training workshops
  • Local conference

Michael Roberts: 

Michael will be your business advisor and has over thirty years of business experience as a social entrepreneur, an entrepreneur and has worked for major multinational companies around the world.   He has a master’s degree in business administration and a postgraduate in sustainability.  He is also on the board of one of the county’s major charities